Speaker & Entertainment Schedule

Stay tuned for our 2018 schedule of speakers, bands, and more! In the meantime, check out our 2017 speaker lineup below.

Speaker Bios

Erica Meier

Erica Meier is the executive director of Compassion Over Killing (COK), a non-profit animal protection organization based in Washington, DC.

Since 1995, COK has worked to expose farmed animal abuse and promote veg-friendly eating by employing a variety of strategies, including hard-hitting undercover investigations, groundbreaking pro-active litigation, successful corporate campaigns, and empowering public outreach programs.

In addition to ending the egg industry’s misleading “Animal Care Certified” claim, under Erica’s leadership, COK has persuaded food giants including Subway, Dunkin Donuts, BOCA Foods and Morningstar Farms to add vegan options to their menus. Erica has also appeared in several major news stories on CNN, ABC’s Nightline News, the Washington Post, LA Times, and more.

These accomplishments along with many more earned her the coveted National Animal Rights Hall of Fame award in 2013.

Before working at COK, Erica served as an animal control officer in Washington DC, rescuing sick, injured, and homeless animals as well as enforcing animal protection laws.

Pauline Stephens

Pauline is a certified indoor cycling instructor, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is also a yoga practitioner, avid marathoner and trained plant based culinary artist. Pauline resides in Richmond, Virginia where she champions living a healthy and organic lifestyle on a full-time basis. Her days are filled with creating and photographing gourmet plant based meals to share with her personal training clients and for her upcoming blog. Her schedule is also filled with teaching group fitness classes on a full-time basis at local studios. She has been called upon to speak at various schools and organizations regarding healthy eating and to create workout plans.

Connect with Pauline:

Instagram and Facebook – @paulinestephens
Email – hello@paulinestephens.com
Website – www.paulinestephens.com

Kristie Middleton

Kristie Middleton is senior food policy director for The Humane Society of the United States and the author of MeatLess: Transform the Way You Eat and Live—One Meal at a Time. She’s a sought-after speaker and thought leader on the topic.

Middleton has partnered with the nation’s biggest school districts including Los Angeles, Detroit, and Boston to implement plant-based initiatives such as Meatless Monday. Her work has been covered by national media, including The New York TimesLos Angeles Times, and CNN.

She holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Kristie lives with her husband, dog and four cats in Oakland, California.

Mark Devries

Mark Devries produced and directed the award-winning 2013 documentary Speciesism: The Movie, which screened at theaters worldwide and has been featured in Scientific American (“brilliant and compelling”), The Huffington Post (“tremendously entertaining”), CNN Headline NewsPsychology Today, and The Sydney Morning Herald, among many others.

Mark Devries also filmed the world’s first aerial drone footage of factory farms, released as part of his Factory Farm Drone Project, which has been viewed by tens of millions worldwide and received global press coverage.

Mark Devries continues to appear and speak at special screenings of Speciesism and related events, while working on several new projects.

Mark Devries is also an attorney, licensed to practice law in Washington, DC.

Mark Devries’s other main areas of interest include the artistic aspects of theme park design.

Mark Devries currently lives in Los Angeles.