And our final speaker is… Documentarian Mark Devries!

Mark Devries produced and directed the award-winning 2013 documentary Speciesism: The Movie, which screened at theaters worldwide and has been featured in Scientific American (“brilliant and compelling”), The Huffington Post (“tremendously entertaining”), CNN Headline NewsPsychology Today, and The Sydney Morning Herald, among many others.

Mark Devries also filmed the world’s first aerial drone footage of factory farms, released as part of his Factory Farm Drone Project, which has been viewed by tens of millions worldwide and received global press coverage.

Mark Devries continues to appear and speak at special screenings of Speciesism and related events, while working on several new projects.

Mark Devries is also an attorney, licensed to practice law in Washington, DC.

Mark Devries’s other main areas of interest include the artistic aspects of theme park design.

Mark Devries currently lives in Los Angeles.

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